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Educational Resources

The following video is to help parents understand about the Paper Tutoring Program available to students and how to help your child get started! 
This resource it intentded to help students understand how to get started with Paper Tutoring.  
PAPER is only available to grades 5-12 this year and we will evaluate expanding to other grade levels at the end of the school year.
Our students will have unlimited access to academic support 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Here are just a few of the highlights:
  • 1:1 tutoring sessions, thorough essay review, and asynchronous collaboration in over 200 subjects and four different languages.
  • Full transparency for you. All student activity is available for review.
  • Parent resources, including regular webinars hosted in both English and Spanish, to better facilitate student learning at home.
  • No time-limits or usage caps for students requesting Live Help tutoring sessions or submitting to Essay Review. 
  • Unlimited, 24/7 is available whenever they need support, specially-trained, professional tutors will be there to assist them.
  • How do you login?
    1. Visit
    2. Choose “Not a student”
    3. Log in via ClassLink using your Google Sign On