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College/Career Center

Career and Technical Education Programs at LHS:
Annual Notice 
Each year, the Ashtabula Area City Schools offers career and technical education programs at Lakeside High School. These programs are designed to prepare youth for a broad range of employment and training services and are offered under the guidance of certified teachers and counselors. The following is a list of programs being offered this year and criteria for admission.
Criteria for Admission
A Tech Satellite 
Instructor: David Miller 
Successful Completion of Grade 10 
Manufacturing - Industry 4.0
A Tech Satellite 
Instructor: Michael Warren
Successful Completion of Grade 10 
Microsoft Office 
Ashtabula Area City Schools 
Instructor: Lisa Bannister
Successful Completion of Grade 10 
All career and technical education programs follow the district’s policies of nondiscrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex and disability in all programs, services, activities, and employment. In addition, arrangements can be made to ensure that the lack of English language proficiency is not a barrier to admission or participation. 
For general information about these programs, contact: Melissa Nooney and the Lakeside High School Guidance Office, Ashtabula Area City Schools,6600 Sanborn Rd. Ashtabula, OH 44004
Inquiries regarding nondiscrimination policies should be directed to: Mark Potts, Superintendent  Ashtabula Area City Schools, 6600 Sanborn Rd. Ashtabula, OH 44004  440-992-1200

THINKING ABOUT CAREERS?? Puzzled about your future??

ACCESS Ashtabula County is dedicated to providing students with quality information, strategies, and resources to help them discover and pursue an educational pathway that leads to a successful and fulfilling career.
Their Mission:
The Mission of ACCESS is to present Ashtabula County students with the information, strategies and resources that are essential for progression through an educational pathway that leads to a career.
Our team strives to meet our mission by integrating into the students day to day education.  We have ACCESS advisors placed in each of the Ashtabula County public high schools; each student is guaranteed a meeting with their school's advisor.  By maintaining a regular presence in the schools our advisors are able to provide a secondary source for career guidance focused exclusively on developing individuals plans for after graduation.
Making choices about your future is an important part of your experience at Lakeside High School.
It's possible to quickly choose a career. But to find a career that's right for you, it's helpful to slow down, give it some thought, and take the time to get it right. This is useful whether you are choosing a career for the first time or changing careers for the thirty-first time.
Career exploration is not the same as job searching. Job searching is a short-term pursuit of a position that matches your financial and career goals. Career exploration is a long, progressive process of choosing education, training, and jobs that fit your interests and skills.
Visit the following website to begin your career exploration today!