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Lakeside HS Music Florida Trip 2024

Sponsored by the Lakeside Music Boosters

The Lakeside High School Music Program is proud to announce that we have been accepted to perform at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL,  through the STARS Program in the Spring of 2024. The Dragon Marching Band will perform/march through Universal Studios, while the Choir and Orchestra will perform in the Universal Studios Outdoor Amphitheater. This trip is being sponsored by the Lakeside Music Boosters.
More than just a performance and trip to Universal Studios, this opportunity includes the STARS Performance Program - Sound  Design: Music and the Art of Foley workshop. This will provide the Students the opportunity to learn music to a Universal Studios soundtrack, work with a Music Director and Crew rehearsing the music, and then provide the soundtrack to a Universal video.
The Lakeside High School Music Program has provided opportunities for Students through Music  Education while entertaining the community at concerts, sporting events, parades, and many other exciting performances.
This once-in-a-lifetime trip now provides our Students with the opportunity to travel outside of northeast Ohio, which is an opportunity that many of these young people have never had. That alone is worthy of support, but when you add in the significance of performing in front of hundreds of people at Universal Orlando and participating in an educational recording workshop, it is easy to see why this trip is so important to these Students.
It is our goal to ensure that no Student stays home due to money. As part of that effort, we are asking corporate and community members to contribute to our Universal Florida trip. The Students are actively working to raise funds to help the program make the trip, but we are asking for help from the community.  Any donation is greatly appreciated and will specifically help reduce the transportation costs of the trip for each Student AND your donation will be recognized in a variety of ways.
Please see the documents below for the official letter and donation form.
Thank you in advance for any support you can provide!
FL Trip 2024 Band & Orchestra Files Band & Orchestra Students can download their music and the audio file of the music they will be performing at the workshop below!