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Start by exploring the Occupational Outlook Handbook or the Ohio Career Information System (OCIS) to research potential careers, salaries, education/training needed, and their outlook for the future. 

OCIS username:  lakesidehs

OCIS password:  ohiocis03

After entering the username and password, you will need to "create a profile".  

Puzzled about your future?

Making choices about your future is an important part of your experience at Lakeside High School.

It's possible to quickly choose a career. But to find a career that's right for you, it's helpful to slow down, give it some thought, and take the time to get it right. This is useful whether you are choosing a career for the first time or changing careers for the thirty-first time.

Career exploration is not the same as job searching. Job searching is a short-term pursuit of a position that matches your financial and career goals. Career exploration is a long, progressive process of choosing education, training, and jobs that fit your interests and skills.

Visit the following website to begin your career exploration today!