Senior Class

updated: 11/08/21


Learning About Business
Lake Erie College
DATES:  June 19 - 24, 2022
***Participants in LAB Week 2022 are also eligible to earn 3 COLLEGE CREDITS AND earn the OHIO MEANS JOBS READINESS SEAL***

Sophomores interested in learning more about LAB - Learning About Business at Lake Erie College see the attached PDF's. This is a total immersion business camp just for high school sophomores and juniors. LAB is held every summer on the Lake Erie Campus. You get to work with other students in Northeast Ohio, network with various businesses and you can put this experience on your resume!!

For any specific questions please reach out to Lake Erie College. Phone: 440-375-7185 or website:


GRADUATION INFORMATION - Stayed Tuned for Class of 2022 info!


Over 50 Christian colleges and universities will have a booth at the Fall Virtual Christian College Fair 

Whether you have a SENIOR making their final decisions for next year

  • JUNIORS choosing where to visit and apply
  • or UNDERCLASSMEN exploring all of their options

Virtual booths will be 

  • Explore the booths at your leisure during this time period and watch our on-demand college-prep webinars.
  • Encourage families to attend the live events below where they can chat and meet face-to-face with reps and view college presentations

Click on the link for additional information.

You will need to be registered in order to attend the fair.



What IS the Ohio Means Jobs - Readiness Seal?

Ohio high school students can now earn recognition by showing that they are prepared to contribute to the workplace and their community. The Ohio Means Jobs - Readiness Seal is a formal designation students can earn on their high school diplomas and transcripts which indicate that they exhibit personal strengths, strong work ethic, and professional experiences that today's businesses need in an employee.


To earn the seal, motivated high school students must demonstrate certain professional skills required for success in today's workplace. Students must work with at least three experienced and trusted mentors who will validate the demonstration of these skills in three areas: school, work, and the community.


Students must demonstrate fifteen professional skills that were identified by the Ohio Department of Education, the Governor's Office of Workshop Transformation, and the Ohio Department of Higher Education. To meet the needs of Ohio businesses, these groups surveyed Ohio's business community, and selected the most "essential" skills necessary for success in the workplace. 


15 Professional Skills Needed to Earn the Ohio Means Jobs - Readiness Seal

- Drug Free

- Reliability

- Work Ethic 

- Punctuality

- Discipline

- Teamwork/Collaboration

- Professionalism

- Learning Agility

- Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

- Leadership

- Creativity/Innovation

- Oral and Written Communications

- Digital Technology

- Global/Intercultural Fluency

- Career Management