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Great Lakes Online Academy (GLOAoffers an alternative route to education.  Students can enroll in GLOA for their education in grades K-12.  The program offers over 200 online courses for students in grades K-12.  These courses, both core and elective, are aligned to state and national standards.  Complete with mid-term and final, each course has 18 lessons per semester. Built-in milestone assignments provide cumulative assessments throughout the courses.

Customizable Gradebook—Easy to read, color coded, and customizable for each student. Detailed student evaluations built in for each semester. Teacher comments, letter grade and % score for each lesson, easily viewed by parent/guest.

Parent/Guest RoleLink a 3rd person to the student. View-only access to Gradebook, curriculum, evaluations and assessments for specific student(s). Great for parents and counselors/tutors, etc.

Message CenterBuilt-in messaging system. Lets students contact their teacher or any other person associated with their account. Does not allow student-to-student communication. School wide announcements can be created by school Coordinator and sent to specific users. There is a calendar for every user to utilize.

High School Students....

- Students will earn a Lakeside High School diploma and participate in the Lakeside High School graduation ceremony if all state requirements for graduation are met.  

- Students will be able to attend Lakeside High School functions such as homecoming, prom, assemblies, etc. 

- Students can still participate in Lakeside Groups such as Chess Club, Sophomore Class, Marching Band, Sports Teams, etc.


GLOA K-12:  Contact coordinator William Dunne today! 440-993-2494