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The "Parent Access" Program is now available.  Please click here to log in to Parent Access.  If you do not have your Parent registration key, please contact the Guidance Office. 

10 ways you can help your child succeed at Lakeside High School:

1)  Be supportive.  High school is a challenging time for many students.  Let your child know you are there for him or her.

2)  Challenge your child.  If he or she is getting A's in an academic course, encourage an honors course. 

3)  Be knowledgeable.  Understand the graduation requirements and the types of courses offered at Lakeside HS.

4)  Stay active in your child's education.  Read the monthly newsletter produced by the school counseling office and attend parent meetings.

5)  Encourage your child to start thinking about post-secondary plans.  You can find information about college and careers in the 
college counseling section.

6)  Become financial aid savvy.  Applying for financial aid for schools can be a daunting prospect.  Learn about the different types of aid offered on our 
financial aid resource page. 

7)  Encourage your child to utilize school resources.  The school counseling center is here to help your child deal with academic, social, and emotional concerns. 

 **For students who would benefit from regular counseling sessions, please contact your child's counselor for information on referrals.**

8)  Stay connected.  Check in with your child regularly regarding school progress and stay involved in his or her life by attending sports games, performances, etc. 

9)  Stay positive.  Students may feel stressed or overwhelmed - especially when it is time to apply for college.  Try to focus on your child's accomplishments and strengths to foster his or her self-esteem.

10)  Maintain firm boundaries.  Teenagers benefit from parents who are empathetic and caring, but also set limits.  Providing structure and guidance is especially important in preparing your student for life after high school.


Lakeside High School

Ashtabula, OH 44004


School Profile


TYPE OF SCHOOL:  Lakeside High Schools is a four year public high school offering Advanced Placement, Honors, College Preparatory, Business, General and Vocational courses of study.


COMMUNITYThe Ashtabula Area City School District is located along the shores of Lake Erie in the northeast corner region of Ohio.  The Ashtabula Area City School System draws from a diverse population serving nearly 5000 students.


ADDRESS/PHONELakeside Senior High School

                                  6600 Sanborn Rd.

                                  Ashtabula, OH 44004   Phone 440- 993-2522


GRADES:                Lakeside High School serves grades 9,10,11,12


ENROLLMENT:       Total enrollment….1079 students in grades 9-12, Senior Class 230 students


SCHOOL CODE:      360-218


SCHOOL YEAR:      176 school days…divided into four nine-week grading periods.


PRINCIPAL:           Donald Rapose - Lakeside High School


PRINCIPAL of SECONDARY CURRICULUMN:    Mark Potts - Lakeside High School


ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL:       Patricia E. Craft - Lakeside High School


FACULTY:                              All faculty members are State certified/licensed.


GRADING SYSTEM:           

A     100-90

B     89-80

C     79-70

D     69-60

F     59-Below


G.P.A.:   Grade Point Average is computed by dividing G.P.A. at the end of each semester.


RANK:   Rank in class is based upon the accumulative G.P.A. at the end of each semester.


DUAL ENROLLMENTStudents may earn high school and college credit through the Post Secondary Options Program.                                                                                                                                     

College credit may also be obtained through the Dual Credit Program and through successful scores on

Advanced Placement Examinations.


GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS                                

4              English

3              Social Studies

4              Mathematics

1              Heath/P.E.

3              Science

8              Electives

23           Total


Freshmen Plan

  • Monitor academic progress
  • Encourage school activities
  • Start to explore and discuss college/career options
  • Encourage volunteer opportunities
  • Help to create a resume file
  • Put money away toward college

Sophomore Plan

  • Continue to monitor academic progress
  • Continue to encourage school activities
  • Encourage student to sign up for the October PSAT
  • Continue to explore and discuss college/career options
  • Continue to encourage volunteer opportunities
  • Update the resume file
  • Continue to put money away toward college

Junior Plan

  • Continue to monitor academic progress
  • Continue to encourage involvement in school activities
  • Have student sign up for the October PSAT
  • Have student take the ACTs/SATs in March and June
  • Start to explore and discuss college/career options
  • Continue to encourage volunteer opportunities
  • Update the resume file
  • Continue to put money away toward college
  • Have student apply for summer jobs that pertain to your area of interest

Senior Plan

  • Follow Senior Checklist - See Related Files Below
  • Continue to monitor academic progress
  • Have student sign up for the ACTs/SATs
  • Visit colleges of interest 
  • Research careers of interest
  • Update the resume file
  • Start asking for Letter of recommendations, if needed. See Related Files Below
  • Have student write required essays and proofread carefully
  • Continue saving for college
  • Apply for federal aid (