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Phone:  (440) 993-2528 & Fax:  (440) 993-2484

School Counselors: Jowell Gray, ext. 11014 [email protected]
Lori Dinallo, ext. 11016 [email protected]
Student Success Coordinator: Jayson Hernandez, ext. 11020 [email protected]
Administrative Assistant: Tamara Potter, ext. 13012 tamara.[email protected]  


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Lakeside High School

Ashtabula, OH 44004


School Profile


TYPE OF SCHOOL:   Lakeside High Schools is a four year public high school offering Advanced Placement, Honors,                                                  College Preparatory, Business, General and Vocational courses of study.


COMMUNITYThe Ashtabula Area City School District is located along the shores of Lake Erie in the northeast corner                                      region of Ohio.  The Ashtabula Area City School System draws from a diverse population serving nearly                                    5000 students.


ADDRESS/PHONE:   Lakeside Senior High School,  6600 Sanborn Rd.- Ashtabula, OH 44004   Phone 440- 993-2522


GRADES:   Lakeside High School serves grades 9,10,11,12


ENROLLMENT:   Total enrollment….1015 students in grades 9-12, Senior Class 221 students




SCHOOL YEAR175 school days…divided into four nine-week grading periods.


PRINCIPAL:  Dr. Markiel Perkins - Lakeside High School


ASSISTANT PRINCIPALS: Janie Carey and John Pinto - Lakeside High School


FACULTY:                              All faculty members are State certified/licensed.


GRADING SYSTEM:          A                             100-90

                                                    B                             89-80

                                                    C                             79-70

                                                    D                             69-60

                                                    F                              59-Below


G.P.A.:   Grade Point Average is computed by dividing G.P.A. at the end of each semester.


RANKRank in class is based upon the accumulative G.P.A. at the end of each semester.


DUAL ENROLLMENT:       Students may earn high school and college credit through the Post Secondary Options Program. College credit may also be obtained through the Dual Credit Program and through successful scores on Advanced Placement Examinations.


GRADUATION                       4              English

REQUIREMENTS:                3              Social Studies

                                                    4              Mathematics

1              Heath/P.E.

3              Science

5              Electives

20           Total

Thank you for visiting the website of the Lakeside High School Counseling Department.  Please feel free to look around and contact guidance with any questions.  On this site, you will find lots of resources on careers, financial aid, colleges, and social/personal issues.