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updated: 2/17/2021

Needing to request a TRANSCRIPT click on the link. 


Students: click on link to make a REFERRAL.

Parents and Students who are interested in KSUA CCP classes for 21-22 school year:

Orders for the 2020-2021 Lakeside High School Yearbook are now Open!

Orders will be taken until April 30th. Cost is $52 per book.

Sales are pre-order only! NO extra books will be ordered. 

The cover design is listed below as a PDF.

isit and search for Lakeside High School, or enter School ID# 93911. 

Students and Parents interested in ATECH for the 2021-2022 School year:

Schedule a personal tour:
You don't want to miss out - all you have to do to apply is go to
Reminder if you want to visit during the school day you will be able to make an appointment, but you have to have your own transportation, LHS is not able to provide a ride.
Please see the ATech Career Guide PDF at the bottom of the page.
Any questions be sure to touch base with Amanda Schumann at
ATech Phone: 440-576-6015 xt.1115 or email:
ALL APPLICATIONS ARE ONLINE. There are no longer any paper ones available.
Also, you do NOT have to visit in order to apply!



Follow the link to Herff Jones for costs:




You can now order through Herff Jones ~ ONLINE. Mrs. Boepple, the new Senior Advisor. She will be updating more soon about graduation announcements, miscellaneous information and various details. So stay tuned, keep an eye out in your emails and right here on the LHS Guidance Webpage. Any questions reach out to Mrs. Boepple.


If you have an specific questions with items on the website you will have to contact Herff Jones. I will not be able to answer anything in regards to their products.



Parents and Students ~ for Progress Book Information or Questions:
Please Email Mrs. Nooney at


2020-21 School Year

Dear Parents and Guardians,


Below is the Student Registration Key for the ProgressBook ParentAccess program which will provide you with information about your child’s academic progress. Follow these steps to get started:


Under the “Parents” tab
Click on “Access for Grades”
Click on the “Create an account” link then click on the “I am a parent”
Enter your first and last name and your email address.
Create a unique username using only letters and numbers.
*If the above site does not work try:


Registration Key For:

(If you have more than one child click “Link another student to account”)


Create a password that includes at least 1 letter and at least 1 number. It will need to be at least 8 characters long.
Enter the following registration key for your child:
Enter your child’s first and last name and birth date.
Click the “Register” button.
If your account is registered successfully, you should get a link that says, “Log into your new account.”



If you have any further questions that are not addressed above or on our website, please feel free to email Mrs. Nooney at


We encourage all parents and guardians to take a few moments to get acquainted with the ParentAccess page. ParentAccess is an important means to support your child’s academic success.



The Guidance Office




What IS the Ohio Means Jobs - Readiness Seal?

Ohio high school students can now earn recognition by showing that they are prepared to contribute to the workplace and their community. The Ohio Means Jobs - Readiness Seal is a formal designation students can earn on their high school diplomas and transcripts which indicate that they exhibit personal strengths, strong work ethic, and professional experiences that today's businesses need in an employee.


To earn the seal, motivated high school students must demonstrate certain professional skills required for success in today's workplace. Students must work with at least three experienced and trusted mentors who will validate the demonstration of these skills in three areas: school, work, and the community.


Students must demonstrate fifteen professional skills that were identified by the Ohio Department of Education, the Governor's Office of Workshop Transformation, and the Ohio Department of Higher Education. To meet the needs of Ohio businesses, these groups surveyed Ohio's business community, and selected the most "essential" skills necessary for success in the workplace. 


15 Professional Skills Needed to Earn the Ohio Means Jobs - Readiness Seal

- Drug Free

- Reliability

- Work Ethic 

- Punctuality

- Discipline

- Teamwork/Collaboration

- Professionalism

- Learning Agility

- Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

- Leadership

- Creativity/Innovation

- Oral and Written Communications

- Digital Technology

- Global/Intercultural Fluency

- Career Management 


Lakeside High School Club List


*Will be updated once school is back in session