Aim Higher Ashtabula
The Week of Hope will celebrate the hope and beauty of Ashtabula County;
From our wide open green spaces and beautiful natural resources to
the people who choose this special place in which to raise a family;
From our diverse and unique business community to the groups,
clubs and organizations that celebrate our history and family traditions;
From our religious community who keeps us firmly grounded in our beliefs to
our schools and educators who give us the knowledge and wings to take flight;
We will celebrate what brings us together as one family. We Are Ashtabula County
This year, we also feed the hope that our county’s Metroparks system continues to grow
and maintain its 45 miles of trails at ten parks and facilities throughout the most beautiful
county of Ohio, free and accessible for all Ashtabula County residents and visitors.” - Ashtabula County Metroparks
We are an industry the relies heavily on faith, hope and hard work.
From the seeds we plant and the animals we raise,
faith, hope and hard work keep farmers feeding the world.” - The Ashtabula County Farm Bureau
The YMCA is so much more than a gym - we exist to strengthen the
foundations of our community. If you really think about it, our raffle funds
hope by ensuring we are able to identify and meet community needs
through programs that build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all.” - The Ashtabula County YMCA
The Aim Higher Committee, coordinated by Rep. John Patterson, was formed
to provide hope and promote the good things within our community. In addition to
coordinating the inspiring ‘Week of Hope,’ the group seeks to make even greater impact.

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